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Can you buy on an expired permit due to the executive order?
by RR917 | Today at 09:58:46 AM
I was told no the last time i went to buy something, but i was reading the executive order extends the expiration date of permits. Has anyone bought and received authorization with an expired permit within the allowance of days afforded?...
Re: 2020 Presidential Election Results
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 07:06:24 PM
Re: 2019-nCov Virus
by 2BearArms | Yesterday at 05:25:57 PM
My wife’s aunt and uncle 87 and 92 years old and in an assisted living facility both tested positive for Covid -19 a few months ago. They just had cold like symptoms and are fine now. 2 staff members seemed to be the source of the infection in this facility. So it really hits different people different ways. ...
Announcing the because I...
by Masked | Yesterday at 04:32:17 PM
Announcing the Smith Tactical Because it's f***ing Christmas - Or Because I f***ing feel like it sale. Everything in the store, is 10% off. Lowers included.We just received our order of Limited Edition Anderson Lowers - They were $100.00 out the door (taxes included) - They're now $90.00 out the door (using the discount...taxes included). If a customer would like a part ordered that we normally stock, at the discounted rate - This is something we'll do. Bolt Carriers, barrels and handguards especially. Cerakote is 20% off. Cerakote Gift Certificates are 20% off. Any work currently in the shop will receive the discount as well.That means a full pistol that would regularly cost $200.00 is currently $160.00...And I don't feel like doing the math on a rifle atm, but same id...
Re: Advanced Armament Corp Barrels
by SCAGNETTI | Yesterday at 04:32:16 PM
The older barrels shoot very well. Clover leafs at 100yds no problem. On par with any other mfg match grade barrel. No tooling marks, smooth finish, smooth chamber with a tight/short leade. My barrel doesn't like some of the different longer heavier bullets(240gr or heavier). Especially the flatter nosed, sharp ogive plated or coated lead with larger .3095 diameters. I was swaging the lead bullets down to .308 for better performance.   Shoots any jacketed bullets up to 230gr subsonics fine. Mine shoots 220gr SMK/HPBT Subs the best. As far as the KAC rail, it was the popular choice back then. There are better options on the market now. Just to remove rail you need proprietary tools. I have thought about changing mine but continue to leave it be. ...
Cutting foam for gun case
by GoodGuyWithAGun | Yesterday at 11:38:36 AM
I used these guys and designed a custom piece of foam.  Pricey but professional results. You can punch in the model of the case you have to start. made one for Glock with suppressor  , mags, conversion barrel, suppressor tools. Suppressor end caps and pistons. This is for a Pelican 1500. I don’t use it anymore so if anyone has interest let me know. from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Re: Who's shooting today?
by CTSixshot | Yesterday at 07:39:26 AM
The snow shot is at the old location in N.S., yes. Closer to the garage, not the actual pistol pit where you shot before.Ashaway Sportsman's Club is heard from here....
Sixteen Gun Control Bills Filed in Texas for 2021
by SJK2 | Yesterday at 01:15:33 AM hesitation, Texas Democrats have introduced multiple gun control bills for the 2021 Texas Legislative Session.So far, 16 gun control bills have been filed for the upcoming session, which starts in early January. State Rep. Terry Meza introduced one of the most notable gun control bills, HB 196, which would greatly weaken Castle Doctrine. Under Castle Doctrine, homeowners can use lethal force to defend themselves against home invaders.“I’m not condoning stealing, it is against the law, “Meza stated, “but it’s not an offense that is punishable by death.”According to KLBJ Radio, Meza claims she’s being harassed online by people who are against her anti-gun initiative. “People are already attacki...
Re: State PP Appointment swap
by kwh203 | Yesterday at 12:41:24 AM
Sent you a PMreplied, thank you...
CCDL Action Alert......
by SJK2 | November 29, 2020, 11:46:31 PM
                  This is from an email cut & pasteOn Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 7:30pm the Newtown Legislative Council will consider referring these three Anti-Second Amendment proposals to the Newtown Ordinance Committee.  The December 2nd meeting will be held at 7:30pm via teleconference, Newtown residents are asked to participate by calling 1 (617) 675-4444 and using PIN#: 986 634 513 3023#All members should contact the Newtown Legislative Council by utilizing their form or email the council members.  Our voices need to be heard, we cannot allow the NAA to take away our rights in Newtown and say that CCDL members are intimidating Newtown Residents.  Take a look at the pictures of these so-called "intimating" ...
Re: New member to the club
by 19LG | November 29, 2020, 08:47:39 PM
I added a Glock 20sf to the stable today. There she was in the case. Used but not a mark on her. The store let me field strip her. Doesn’t look like it was shot since leaving factory.  Still had the Glock copper paste.  Had trijicon sights on it. $599 out the door with the two mags, case, manual, etc. It is amazing the deals you can find used. I wonder when all these new gun buyers find a new hobby once Covid is over how many good deals on used guns we will find. ...
Re: 556 or 300black?
by toker | November 29, 2020, 08:39:47 PM
I’m so curious if this cycle follows the last and we get a glut of hardware and ammo in a few years. Or does demand hold-up with all these new owners and does the  hoarding continue? Or do all the new owners divest what they bought in the panic when the vaccine is out and the used market is saturated?Depends how the GA race goes. If the Republicans can keep at least 1 seat, there won't be any gun control that goes through the Senate. Then we'll probably see prices go back to normal until at least 2022 when we'll do it all again....
When seconds count....
by metalshaper | November 29, 2020, 07:13:34 PM
Firearms Policy Coalition looking for possible plaintiffs
by imahangtia | November 28, 2020, 10:03:08 PM
Starts at 6:45

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