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Delta Level Defense
by Mustang | Today at 10:49:19 AM
Looking to know how good theirfirearms are. Good reputation? Anyone have one if their firearms? ...
Re: Looking for firewood
by CTSixshot | Today at 10:43:50 AM
Ask before taking. I realize it's hard to do this on remote stretches of roadway.Several storms back we had trees down on our frontage (within view of the house). Not even a day went by and some one took a dump truck load of wood during the early morning hours....
Re: California gun roster & .357 magnum desert eagle
by CTSixshot | Today at 10:41:08 AM
Yes, I still refer to this forum as CTGT; it isn't anymore, is it?How common is hand loading in CA? Components are probably as regulated as ammo itself, yes?...
Re: 9mm at TSUSA
by CTSixshot | Today at 09:36:37 AM
Alright!  1 ammo offering in stock out of 394 9x19mm varieties!...
Re: American Reloading
by CTSixshot | Today at 07:35:55 AM
Although these go out of stock quickly, too, their "LOS Bullets" (?) seem to be just fine.The 145g TMJHP looks to be a plated bullet, but who knows. Works okay for me...
Re: More than 20GB of Intel source code and proprietary data dumped online
by NiCKZ | Yesterday at 09:35:20 PM
My best guess why all of this stuff is happening; Explosions in various capital cities, state-side protest coverage, COVID-19, and proprietary data dumps.Someone (or a group of people) are trying to inundate the regular user of information to be desensitized to what they're reading or hearing. No one cares about an alleged Epstein/Maxwell information and scenario when countries are seemingly blowing up for no reason, human rights are suddenly in question, or your kids' safety is on the line because someone isn't wearing a mask in Wal-Mart. ...
Re: Good places for tire reviews, and tires?
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 05:09:36 PM
Oh,,, well,,,, gee wiz mister,,, thanks for the education!  Maybe YOU missed the part where Edge & I were both in the back end of the business 35+ yrs.  It may in fact be LONG used slang, doesn't mean those of us on the receiving end have to appreciate it ,,,,,,,,and no my lack of appreciation for the term didn't start recently with the current culture, I've found the term insulting my entire career.  I think Edge hit the nail on the head with his take!Nope didn't miss "the part", didn't miss being called a douche either by someone who assumed I cannot do the job. LOL Been turning wrenches on the few cars I've owned and some other cars for some 30+ years. Short of major repairs, I do as much as I can myself. On my car I am a grease...
Re: What’s best range/club to join near Trumbull
by toker | Yesterday at 03:54:02 PM
I am Leaning towards Sig365 (prefer 320 but can’t quite conceal it well enough) anyone have the 365xl is it everything they say it is? I have the P365 and it's a great gun. The trigger is great and it's a very concealable gun. It's the same size as my Kahe PM9 and holds 4 more rounds. Smaller than my Glock 43 that I replaced it with also.I've never shot or handled the XL, but I would assume it's the same gun except for size. If CT allowed a 15 round magazine, I would buy it in a heartbeat....
Re: New York AG seeks to dissolve NRA in new lawsuit
by M1A_All_Day | Yesterday at 03:05:45 PM
State AG's are always full of great ideas, many of which go nowhere. I'm sure this effort was on the to-do list ahead of election time.Just posturing.Net affect will be nothing.Edit: There's nothing in the lawsuit that says anything about firearms regs. This is 100% about a not-for-profit being accused of misusing their money....
Silver : SWBI ratio
by CTSixshot | Yesterday at 10:01:29 AM
An ounce of silver ($28.40) buys about one share of Smith & Wesson Brands Inc. ($27.31).Ag/SWBI Ratio: 1.03991...
Re: Hartford: 9 Injured, 1 Fatality
by edgephoto | August 05, 2020, 09:03:58 AM
Oh well....Interesting how there are calls to defund the police but when something goes down the same idiots call the cops. ...
Re: Theres A Tree Down On My Day Job!
by bizkitjmd1 | August 04, 2020, 11:44:12 PM
Good Luck and Safe travels. Some of the bigger messes should be cleaned up by now I would like to think.There was one tree down just before the four seasons raquet club, another one by the Nod hill brewery as you are coming into ridgefield. I bailed onto back roads just past the Days inn as traffic was at a standstill going north and there was a sparse amount of cars heading south.Thanks. Hope to start cutting down at 107 in Georgetown. We shall see...
Re: $1k reward offered after CT state police AR-15, body armor stolen
by markmiela | August 04, 2020, 04:15:36 PM
So since it a LEO it is a Rifle but if one of us subjects had it stolen it would be an assault rifle. Nice. ...
Re: Fordham Student Charged With Hate Crime By University Sends Message
by undecided | August 04, 2020, 11:05:03 AM
It is exactly the same. While you may think you have anonymity here chances are someone with time and desire could find out plenty of information about you by aggregating the information in all of your past posts. There are companies out there that are paid to dig into people's lives (usually screening for employment purposes). While portions of this site may not be scanned by the search engine robots some information is still accessible. While it's also nice to think (and assume) we are all like minded people, nothing stops an anti from joining and lurking or even posting some neutral posts. There is no doubt anti's and othersare reading what is posted to this website. Likewise there are companies who pay people to do stuff like that.No, in this day and age one should never...

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