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Author Topic: Need some automotive wiring assistance.  (Read 290 times)

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Need some automotive wiring assistance.
« on: October 03, 2019, 09:27:33 AM »
Long story short - We needed a vehicle that could pull @7500lbs and a buddy of mine offered me his Hummer H2.

Ended working in our favor - H2's have held their value really well and we got the monster for about half of what it's actually worth.

The good news - He just did a complete engine rebuild. Re-specced the entire gearbox for towing...Brand new rims/tires etc - He did an awesome job...It's actually capable of towing around 10k - Rated for 8200.

The decent news - Ball joints are about to go, sway bars are gone, the hummer LEANS HARD to the right, he did a meh lift job...I have new torsions coming, debating ordering the full suspension kit until I talk to a few people...Overall, still well worth it.

Small rant - Who in the name of frack, spends $1200 per rim? And then $500 per tire? I mean...What the actual frack?!?!

Anyway - The bad news - His electrician offered to put in the radio - He let him...And it's an unmitigated disaster.

While installing the radio, I think he blew the HVAC sensor and the right mirror motor, since they're literally down the line from his shit wiring job...Blinkers don't make noise...Radio doesn't even stay on for more than 10mins/clip.

I can't register this as a commercial vehicle until everything actually works as it's "supposed to".

I owned a computer business in another life, I can handle soldering and simple wiring jobs - Like making the DRL's fog lamps - Easy...But I also know when something's over my head and this is...Over my head.

I purchased the OEM Nav/radio. I purchased the aftermarket harness with Bose/Wheel control/Phone just in case he ruined the stock. I purchased a new Amp - Again, just in case, from what I'm told if these are wired wrong, they blow the amp.

I'm not afraid of spending some money, getting her back in good shape.

Now, I can offer ammunition, I can offer cash, I can offer permit instruction...The list is endless.

My work number is 203-850-7770.
Email is

If anyone is interested, call/text.
FFL 07 + SOT located in Oxford CT


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