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Author Topic: The Wuhan Wheezer, and Now the NYC Riots/Looting Are Boosting SW CT Real Estate  (Read 521 times)

Online WoodBurner

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I agree, I see NO benefit in having anyone from NYC, it's suburbs or surrounding counties moving here unless you sell them your house and flee this commie shit hole. We have too many libtards here, we sure as Hell don't need to be importing them.  :tat:
I love CT. I've lived here my entire life, it's all the socialists and libtards that I hate.

Online M1A_All_Day

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Nearly half of the the residents of any shoreline town (along the RT1/RT95 belt and south of RT80) are from NYC and just spend the summer there (or weekly renters). Anywhere along Metro North to Saybrook and Lyme is full of NYC folks who commute when needed. Ironically, shoreline towns got most of their residents in the 1900s as people fled the summer heat of the industrial CT cities on weekends for small campgrounds and cottages all over the place, then stayed permanently. The local shoreline farmers who were literally deeded land from England detested them. There is still a mix of longtime generational blood and city influx people.

While there is an appearingly-resolute Twitter-left face to the shoreline towns (not cities), I can say with certainty that these towns have very conservative silent majorities when it comes down to how their towns are run and what they'll tell you in private. They're too smart to play into the struggle for the moral upper ground on Internet.

Any new NYC/NJ folks I've dealt with as new neighbors are usually fine after they assimilate. It's vacationland to them compared to density of the city. My wife and I grew up in Guilford and still have a cottage down there.

CT has a choice- either houses get sold to people who make good money and fund tax pools OR those houses get chopped-up into apartments and you get Meriden, New Britain, etc. Further-out suburban and rural towns just keep chugging along and nothing really changes. People have their babies and put them through school there, then they leave.

If you want to avoid the fate of somewhere like Danbury, get the educated high-earners in regardless of their politics. And I agree that most of the wealthy NYC folks are conservatively-minded, they've just been stuck in places where that mode of thought is verboten.


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