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Author Topic: ComGraf Update  (Read 1029 times)

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ComGraf Update
« on: September 13, 2019, 04:06:00 PM »
I had a call from a guy the other day, saying he'd like to buy a fixed mag lower receiver, but had heard somewhere (maybe this forum) that ComGraf was no longer in business. NOT TRUE! The business is still alive and well and continuing to sell both a fixed mag lower (either stripped or complete with either rifle or pistol buffer/stock) and a pump action conversion kit for .223/5.56 uppers. I haven't been pushing the fixed mag lowers for awhile because "Others" have totally dominated the black gun retail market in CT and I've chosen not to play in that space, but there are still buyers out there who have heard what a well built lower ComGraf sells and choose to buy. The pump action kits are primarily selling in CA, but also some buyers in FL, NY, PA, and GA. You can see both at
I also had a call recently from a dealer, thinking about selling my fixed mag lowers to some of his trusted (and trusting) clients. To be sure it was okay, he said he called the Firearms Section of the SLFU at the State Police, asking about both the ComGraf lowers and similar DSI products. While he said the verbal response he received was to defer an opinion on the DSI, he said he got a strong endorsement of the legal compliance of the ComGraf lower. At least at that time, they said, my CGAR15FM was the only fixed mag receiver that had been presented to the Firearms Section cadre "in person" and the only model which has been modified to include a compliance feature the cadre suggested would ensure its compliance. This latter mod is what I call an "A-Lok." It's a belts-and-suspenders set screw placed directly behind the pivot pin to secondarily secure the mag in place, complementing the positive positioning and security of the thru-wall screw and retention nut. With the A-Lok, removing the magazine from an as-manufactured lower requires retraction of the pivot pin, virtually requiring full disassembly of upper and lower receivers.
With all the recent talk about assault weapons bans on a national level and cleaning up some of the loop holes at the state level. it will be interesting to see whether the fundamental definition of an AW changes or whether fixed magazine rifles/pistols and/or non-semiautomatic firearms are also impacted.


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